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A4 Ringbinder ( 2 Ring Mechanism )
A4 Ringbinder ( 4 Ring Mechanism )
A5 Ringbinder ( 2 Ring Mechanism )
A5 Ringbinder ( 4 Ring Mechanism )
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Turkey’s and Europe’s one of the leading lever arch file manufacturer, Alemdar Plastics has made the first step with the production of lever arch mechanisms in 1972. In 1989, company has made his direction to the production of lever arch files with his production lines and experience through the needs of the market. At the beginning, The company had an annual capacity of 600.000pcs. With the investments to the automation and his brands, Company has increased the annual production capacity to 18.000.000pcs in new 13000 m2 factory with 80 employees. Our company gets his success from the mixture of qualified raw material, high technology, expert employee and Professional management. The first step of quality exists from the partnership with the companies that have proved their qualities all around the world. Our production lines exist from five main units which are sizing, casemaking, labelling, assembling, and packing. In every period of the production, there comes out a high circulated production with the automation systems. With the studies on research and development we are increasing our production range through the needs of the market. The main product in the product range is Lever Arch Files. Furthermore, Alemdar Plastics has the production of 2-ring ringbinders, 4-ring ringbinders for offices and students, special files with the production of standard lever arch files. We have made our principles on making always the high quality, fast delivery and customer satisfaction. With his experience and production quality; Alemdar Plastics represents Turkey’s production and quality with his successful businesses in export. Alemdar Plastics has a good reputation with the exports through the customers in Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East.



“Ortaköy Mahallesi, Harput Sokak, No:6, Selimpaşa,Silivri, İstanbul, Turkey”

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“Deniz Gökçe YILMAZ”


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